Most Popular underground homes around the world

Shaped like an abstract flower , this underground house is nearly invisible – a rolling hill in the landscape – viewed from on the ground and all around.Designed by Make Architects for British football star Gary Neville, this structure manages to combine beauty with functionality in a new and unique way. The residence covers nearly 8,000 square feet but not in the way you would expect it to. 

Ultimate Underground Swiss Mountain Home
incredible underound house is the ultimate expression of architectural opposites fused into a single spectacular earthen living structure buried in the mountainous ground of the Swiss Alps.

These were built into the hillside starting with 2009. This is the latest KlimaHotel© and it can be found it Bozen, Italy. It’s a redesign of the Bella Vista Trafoi and it’s the first KlimaHotel© eco-friendly hotel. 


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